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Employment Bank, West Bengal is a joint initiative by the Labour Department and the Information Technology Department, Government of West Bengal with active support from the Higher Education Department and the Technical Education & Training Department.
Labour Department is the Nodal Department for development and implementation of Employment Bank.
Labour Department, Government of West Bengal seeks to facilitate healthy and harmonious industrial relations in the State and to enforce various Labour Laws that aims at ensuring the workers’ basic rights at their workplace. The Department executes different social security schemes for the welfare of working class and also works for the unemployed youth of the State also.
Directorates under the Labour Department, Government of West Bengal
(a) Directorate of Labour
(b) Directorate of Employment
(c) Directorate of Shops & Establishments
(d) Directorate of Factories
(e) Directorate of Boilers

Employment Bank is being monitored and implemented through the Directorate of Employment, West Bengal.

A. Organisation Profile
1. Total number of Employment Exchanges - 73.
Contact Information of the field offices under Directorate of Employment
2. Total number of University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau - 4. (At CalcuttaUniversity, Jadavpur University, Rabindra Bharti University, Burdwan University)
3 Total number of Employment Information & Assistance Units at the block level -56
4 Total number of Offices of Regional Joint/Deputy Directors of Employment at District Head Quarters - 18 (Purba Medinipur district is looked after by the Regional Joint Director, Paschim Medinipur)
5 Total number of Employment Market Information Units - 32.
6. Total number of Vocational Guidance Units - 35.
B. Activities under the Directorate of Employment
B.1 Placement Activity
The Directorate of Employment through its network of Employment Exchanges used to act as the premier placement agency mainly for non-PSC vacancies arising in state Government establishments and undertakings. The scope has been reduced following decisions by the judiciary directing compulsory open advertisement for filling up of vacancies. Such placements have further been reduced as the vacancies are now being filled up through Service Commissions.
Meanwhile, job opportunities in the private sector have been outpaced those in the State sector creating, among other things, some skill mismatches, or a demand and supply gap, in the employment market.
Employment Bank aims primarily at enhancement of placement opportunities of the job-seekers and secondarily at removing the skill mismatch.
B.2 Skill Development Initiatives of the Directorate
I. Scheme for Skill Development for the Registered Job-seekers.
a) Skill development training is provided to the job-seekers registered with the Employment Exchanges for at least 2 years and who are not less than 20 years of age, in Institutes enlisted under the Scheme on some specified courses. Government bears 50% of the course fee or Rs. 5000/- whichever is less and the remaining portion of the course fee is paid by the trainee.
b) Mock Tests for various competitive examinations are organised free of cost to make the job-seekers aware about their strength & weaknesses
c) Special Coaching for various competitive examinations are organised free of cost to help the job-seekers prepare for such examinations
d) Career Corners equipped with career related books and magazines at all Employment Exchanges (except Raniganj and Barrackpore Employment Exchanges).
List of career corners where you can sit and read books / magazines etc.
e) Test of Competencies & Certification - Most of the Workers working in the Unorganised sectors acquire their skill informally and do not possess any certificate in support of their skill. This activity targets enhancing employability of such group by certification of their skill after a test of competency.
f) Development of Persons With Disabilities - First the ‘Residual Mental and Physical Abilities’ of the persons would be assessed and then on the basis of that assessment special skill training would be provided to them through enlisted institutes.
** Both the activities mentioned under e) and f) are going to start soon

II. Skill Training for the Domestic Workers
Objective of the activity is to develop / upgrade the skill of such individuals in handling various domestic appliances through a 3-days ‘proshikkhan shibir’ and promote awareness regarding safety, first-aid etc. among them. Stipend of an amount Rs.100/- per trainee per day is provided.

III. Skill Development for the Workers in the Locked Out Industries
Skill of the workers, who were provided with financial assistance under the FAWLOI scheme of the Directorate of Labour, would be upgraded with an objective to make the workers of the locked-out industrial units of the State employable.
An amount of Rs.12, 000/- per worker (maximum) will be paid by the Government towards cost of training. The incumbent will not bear any portion of the course fee.

IV. Special Coaching for the aspirants of the Defence jobs
Objective of the initiative is to enhance the placement rate of the youth of the State by providing guidance and training to the aspiring youth through Residential Training Camps of 5-days duration prior to the “Recruitment Rallies” or selection tests conducted by the armed force.
** Activities mentioned under III and IV are going to start soon
B.3 Self Employment Promotion Initiatives
Udiyaman Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prokolpo (USKP)
The Government of West Bengal introduced a new self- contained scheme successor to SESRU -85, called “Udiyaman Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (USKP)-2008” and also “Udiyaman Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Joutha Prakalpa (USKJP)”, where it involves more than one recipient of subsidy.
The objective of the scheme is to assist validly registered unemployed youth to take up economically viable projects by providing subsidy from the State Government and credit on easy terms from banks and financial institutions. Under the USKP, a loan amount up to Rs.50,000/- per person is provided to the registered unemployed youth and 25% of loan amount is provided as a subsidy by the State Government.

II. Self Employment Motivation – cum- Awareness camp
Keeping in view this general aversion towards self employment, Directorate of Employment, W.B has ventured into this new path of Entrepreneurial Development Programme throughout the State, using the network of Employment Exchanges, with a two-fold objectives:

• To make the unemployed youth aware about the prospect and necessity of becoming self employed in the present employment market scenario.
• To provide the prospective entrepreneurs some pre-requisite information and guidance about some aspects of self employment like preparation of scheme, marketing strategy, banking requirements etc.
Such programmes are being organised in collaboration with RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institute) of various Nationalised Banks.
B.4 Computerisation of Employment Exchanges
All the Employment Exchanges of the State are connected to the internet through broadband and the data of the registered job-seekers of the State have been digitized through a National web portal developed and maintained by NIC, Delhi under supervision by the Directorate General of Employment & Training, Government of India
B.5 Employment Market Information (EMI)
This function of Employment Exchanges ensure the enforcement of The Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act ,1959 and the Rules framed thereafter which provided:

a. The Compulsory notification of all vacancies by all Public Sector Establishments and all Private sector Establishments which employees at least 25 persons.
b. The submission of quarterly ER-I and biennial ER-II returns by such establishments on the basis of which the periodic Employment Market Report, Area Report are prepared at district level and State Employment Market Report is prepared from the Area Market Reports which gets transmitted to the Government of India for compilation at the National level for ultimate use by different agencies of the Government including the planning Commission.
B.6 Vocational Guidance Programmes
It is a constellation of services concerned with educational, vocational, personal etc. aspects of a person in quest of job. It involves guiding the job seekers on the problems related to choice of vocation vis-à-vis existing opportunities and threats in the Employment Market. It includes evaluation of strength and weakness and making the jobseekers aware of his potentialities and shortcomings and help him/ her in preparing the vocational; plan accordingly. It includes Career Talks, Career Conferences etc
B.7 Exempted Category (EC) Cell

The Exempted Category (EC) Cell under the Directorate of Employment enrolls the names of candidates under four categories :
(i) Land losers
(ii) Election Job-Workers
(iii) Ex-Census Workers (1981 & 1991 Census Operation) and
(iv) Meritorious sportsmen, for sponsoring of those candidates against posts reserved in State Government vacancies for EC Candidates.


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